New Brunswick Counseling Center

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Evidence-Based Treatment Services

New Brunswick Counseling Center offers comprehensive treatment that is consistent with the needs of the clients, sometimes as little as one to nine contact hours per week. Each client has a primary counselor who coordinates planning. Additionally, the program physician monitors compliance and conducts case management activities. We offer a comprehensive range of therapeutic treatment programs, including:

Screening and Assessment | Physical Examination | Diagnostics | Individual and Family Counseling | Psychological Evaluation | Consultation
Medication Management | Crisis Intervention | Group Counseling | Case Management | Specialized Women's Services | Free HIV Education and Testing | Relapse Prevention Group | HIV Support Group | Family Education | Referral to Community Resources

Outpatient Programs

The Outpatient Program (Level 0.5): Designed to explore and address problems or risk factors that appear to be related to substance use and to help the patient recognize the harmful consequences of inappropriate substance use.

The Outpatient Program (level I): Designed to help the patient achieve changes in his or her alcohol -or other drug using behaviors. Treatment includes substance use education, relapse prevention, and groups designed to improve coping and life skills.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (level II.1): Designed for patients who have not been successful with Level I treatment. Treatment includes substance abuse education, relapse prevention, and groups designed to improve coping and life skills.

The Co-Occuring/Dual Diagnosis Program

Many people with addictions also suffer from co-occuring emotional or mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder. Our program provides evidence based treatment services to individuals with co-occuring mental health and substance absue disorders. Treatment includes evalutation and medication management by a board certified doctor, a psychologist, individual treatment planning, group and individual therapy, and drug screening as indicated. Clients are placed in the appropriate program setting based on their clinical presentation and needs.